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Company Profile

    The DIRRECKTOR, Thermal Sciences International Inc, is dedicated to increasing the standard by which all Thermal Energy Storage (TES) Systems are judged. DIRRECKTOR is a full service Engineer, Procure and Construct (EPC) firm with world class credentials and experience both Stratified Water Thermal Energy Storage, Production and Distribution systems. DIRRECKTOR, offers its clients complete EPC packages with single point responsibility and accountability.  Our vast experience in TES systems for Demand Side Management (DSM) and reliability make us a world leader in the application of this increasingly important technology.

    At DIRRECKTOR, thermal energy storage is a mature and well-understood technology that is employed with professional confidence derived from years of hands on experience.  We have established sound engineering principles for the technologies application and have developed standardized pumping and control modules (PCM) that offer a cost and time effective method of design implementation.  DIRRECKTOR designed systems are delivered on time, within budget, commissioned rigorously and operate properly, period.

    The DIRRECKTOR complete design advantages include the following:


           TES stratified header design and fabrication

               Standardized pipework design configurations

                             Standardized pumping design arrangements

                             Standardized control configurations and operating software design

                             Standardized graphic display panel designs

                             Standardized adjustable speed drive designs

       The PCMs are assembled and tested in a clean environment, which virtually eliminates latent failures due to dust and construction debris.  The PCM eliminates most machine room pipework, electrical work and control cabling.  It is shipped, ready to operate, with the connection of site pipework for the chillers, TES storage tank, secondary pumping loops, electrical power and site control cable.  The result is a machine room that can be completely constructed, finish coated, and cleaned prior to the arrival of the PCM, with installation time measured in Hours rather than Months. The PCMs can be fabricated in the states or by one of our international process partners

    The PCMs on-board controls provide all the control functions to completely automate the operation of the cooling fluid production, storage and distribution.  The controls can be accessed locally through a human interface module or remotely through a window based PC using either the telephone or Internet.  The controls maintain operating logs of all vital parameters in addition to managing the daily charging and discharging of the thermal storage banks.  Built in system alarms are prioritized as to their severity as is the controller’s response to the alarms.

     DIRRECKTOR, offers a complete line of refrigerated water TES tanks utilizing the proven and Patented Stratification technology, for vertical cylindrical and rectilinear tanks constructed from any of the following materials:

  Externally insulated modular bolted steel tanks
  Externally insulated welded steel tanks
  Externally insulated pre tensioned concrete
  Internally insulated and lined poured in place reinforced concrete

    DIRRECKTOR, has forged strategic alliances with component manufacturers, material suppliers, metal and plastic fabricators, and specialty consultants and contractors.  Providing its clients unlimited production capabilities, of a quality product, in a timely and cost effective fashion.

    DIRRECKTOR is ready to discuss your particular application and can offer you the best system to fill your needs.